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Meet Glen Milne: A Seasoned Production Systems Manager

With over 20 years of experience in the energy industry, Glen Milne is a highly skilled Production Systems Manager who has consistently driven business success through innovative solutions and digital frameworks. Glen’s expertise spans energy systems and military aviation, providing him with a unique perspective on the importance of adaptation and empowering employees for success.

Throughout his career, Glen has been dedicated to refining processes and behaviors, with a passion for leveraging data to create business value. He is committed to helping organizations in the energy industry embrace the future of digitization through a people-first approach.

By focusing on delivering results, embracing agility, and fostering a visionary mindset, Acuity 4.0 aims to support your business whenever and wherever you need it.

PI World 2018

This presentation details the PI System journey for Spirit Energy over the last 18 months. The company transformed its PI System landscape from one based on spreadsheets and replicated HMI screens to one that visualises critical data in real time to audiences across the business. PI AF underpins this dramatic change from a previously fragmented and static landscape, to a dynamic and evolving one that provides insight at multiple levels. The presentation outlines what Spirit Energy had, what they have now, what their lightbulb moment was… and what they are aiming for in the future.—how-making-data-visible-and-actionable-in-real-time-is-changing-our-organization/

Radio PI

This chat with the OSIsoft/Aveva team goes over how sensor data brings about organisational change in the energy industries.

The Role of Leadership in Achieving Operational Excellence

Introduction: Operational excellence is crucial for businesses that aim to achieve safe, reliable, and efficient production from their assets. However, operational excellence is not just about implementing new processes, tools, technologies or yet another initiative; it also requires effective leadership. In

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Emissions Management: A Pathway to a Sustainable and Secure Energy Future in the UK 

Emissions management plays a crucial role in the UK’s journey towards net zero and energy security. Strategies like setting minimum emissions standards, locked-in emissions management, and effective forecasting and planning can help organizations in the energy sector reduce their environmental impact and align with the country’s goals of reducing carbon emissions. By embracing innovative technologies and market-based solutions, the UK energy sector can lead the way in a greener, cleaner energy revolution while ensuring energy security for the nation

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People Power: The Human Side of Digital Transformation

I. Introduction: The Importance of People in our Digital Age (The Need for a Human-Centred Approach to Business Transformation) In our digital age, it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of innovative technologies and their potential to transform

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