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Delivery. Agility. Vision

What do we do?

Customized Solutions for the Energy Industry’s Challenges

Agile delivery

Experience streamlined processes and maximized efficiency with our agile tools and methods. Trust in our proven track record of successful project delivery.

Energy transition

Embark on your energy transition journey and optimize operations to reduce emissions. Access our capabilities and expertise for every stage of your progress.

Data and analytics

Utilize real-time data to make informed decisions and optimize operations. Enhance production efficiency, reduce emissions, and maximize equipment uptime.

Production excellence

Optimize operations, reduce unplanned losses, and minimize environmental impact. Develop a 'barrel-chasing' culture that drives continuous improvement and operational excellence.

Maximize Performance with Comprehensive Process Reviews

At Acuity 4.0, we recognize the constant need for improvement in production and loss management processes. That’s why we provide in-depth process reviews to help you identify opportunities to enhance performance, reduce losses, and establish an effective emissions management framework.

Leveraging our vast experience with various assets worldwide, we possess the knowledge and expertise required to evaluate your current approach and offer valuable insights for achieving your goals. Typically, our initial review and report take less than a month, and we can collaborate remotely to minimize travel and disruption.

We will quantify the realistic potential benefits of our recommended enhancements and present a clear roadmap for success. To schedule a free, no-obligation call to discuss your specific needs, simply follow the link below and connect with our team today.

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Regulatory compliance

Meet regulatory obligations with practical advice from our experienced consultants. Improve your compliance posture through our tailored guidance.

Operations excellence

Achieve operational excellence with our expert services in integrated activity planning and control of work. Enhance your operations with our dedicated support.

Real time data

Leverage PI data to optimize production and reduce unplanned losses. Benefit from our track record of delivering business improvements using real-time data.

Emissions management

Minimize environmental impact and maximize production efficiency with our expertise in emissions reduction. Stay compliant and cut costs with our tailored framework implementation.

Enhance Performance with Production and Emissions Coaching

As Production Performance Advisors, we utilize our knowledge and experience to identify opportunities for clients to boost production and minimize unplanned losses.

Our approach offers clients the advantage of highly experienced and focused support without the necessity to increase headcount or commit to long-term contracts.

With the current capability to perform this role remotely, we can provide flexible and effective coaching to help you achieve your goals.

Comprehensive Consulting Services

At Acuity 4.0, we provide experienced and highly effective consulting support for a wide range of business needs. From maximizing production and improving operational efficiency to embedding a culture of continuous improvement and embracing digital transformation, we have the expertise and knowledge to drive exceptional performance across your organization. Our tailored solutions ensure that we address your unique challenges and help you achieve business excellence

System Projects

Our team at Acuity 4.0 has extensive experience in leading and delivering system projects, from requirements gathering to successful implementation. We have managed a diverse range of projects, including Hydrocarbon Allocation system replacements, real-time data projects, and SCADA/ICSS system upgrades. Let us contribute our expertise to your next project and ensure a seamless and efficient implementation.

At Acuity 4.0, we’re dedicated to empowering businesses to overcome challenges and achieve their objectives. Leveraging our expertise, we’ll pinpoint issues, deliver tailored solutions, and devise a strategy that yields immediate, tangible business outcomes. Our unwavering commitment to driving measurable results and providing comprehensive support ensures we are the additional resource you need to excel in your goals.